Blue card system review

No Card, No Start

The No Card, No Start policy is a key part of how we are building a stronger, more streamlined blue card system.

No Card, No Start is expected to apply from March/April 2020. It will mean that paid workers must have a blue card (not just a pending application) before they can work with children.

Volunteers, trainee students and people running a child-related business already require a blue card before they can start work with children.

To support the introduction of the No Card, No Start policy in 2020, Blue Card Services is currently working on a number of streamlining initiatives. Once finished, this will mean:

  • applicants can apply online through a new process.
  • organisations can use an online organisation portal to see their blue card records more easily, get access to real-time information about their linked blue card holders and manage their blue card obligations.

Blue Card Services Organisation Portal coming mid 2020

We are developing an online organisation portal. The Blue Card Services organisation portal will help organisations manage blue card obligations by providing:

  • convenient access via mobile, tablet and desktop devices
  • the facility to see all blue card records in one place
  • access to real-time information, updates and notifications about volunteers and employees.

The organisation portal is expected to be available from mid 2020.

You will soon be able to register your organisation’s interest to receive updates about the organisation portal, and information about how you can access the portal.