education and care service

An education and care service is any service providing (or intending to provide) regular education and care to children under 13, not including:

  1. a school giving full-time education to children—including the year before grade 1, but not including a preschool within a school, or a preschool registered as a school
  2. a preschool program delivered in a school, if it is delivered to fewer than 6 children and in a class where a full-time education program is also being delivered
  3. a personal arrangement
  4. a service that mainly provides instruction on a particular activity (e.g. sport, dance, music, culture, language or religious instruction)
  5. a service providing education and care to patients in a hospital or patients of a medical or therapeutic care service
  6. care provided under a child protection law of a participating jurisdiction
  7. a prescribed class of disability service
  8. a service of a prescribed class