Attend a Blue Card Services event

We offer events throughout Queensland to help the community understand how the blue card system works.

Our event types


We deliver presentations in person and online for community members and organisations who want to learn about the blue card system. We include information about the blue card system as a whole and offer an opportunity to meet our team and ask questions. We can also tailor our presentations for community organisations and give practical examples.

To help communities whose first language is not English, we can give an overview of the blue card system in other languages, including Samoan, Spanish, Arabic, French, Mandarin and Tongan. Contact us to register your interest.

Community visits

We visit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to help with blue card applications and provide information about the blue card system. Come and have a yarn about who needs a blue card, how to apply or get support with an application, or find out about your organisation’s obligations.

Upcoming events

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