Smart state, trusted smart products - World Consumer Rights Day 2019

15 March 2019

Smart products outnumber people worldwide three to one, and the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) wants to make sure Queenslanders are connected with their consumer rights when they are online.

The OFT is using World Consumer Rights Day (15 March 2019) to raise awareness about issues surrounding smart products and connectivity services.

Fair Trading Acting Executive Director Craig Turner said devices that consumers can use daily such as smart phones, smart TVs and even wearable fitness trackers have all changed how we interact with products.

“Advances in smart products have led to major changes for consumers. From new ways to buy and sell, and greater convenience and choice when shopping, through to more responsive products and access to new services,” Mr Turner said.

“However, with these improvements come challenges for consumers, such as security, privacy, as well as the potential lack of clarity about who is responsible when things go wrong.

“In Australia consumers have fundamental rights that are protected in legislation - the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) which in Queensland is administered by the OFT.

“The OFT, which resolved more than 16,000 Queensland consumer complaints during 2018, provides information and advice to both consumers and traders about their rights and responsibilities.

“We want to make sure that Queenslanders stay informed, and if in doubt, consumers can rest assured that they can seek marketplace advice and help with their rights from the OFT if needed.”

Consumers seeking information about their rights can contact the OFT, visit the OFT website for information at or watch the Resolving disputes and making a consumer complaint video.