Process for starting a charity gets simpler and cheaper

3 February 2020

The Government has taken another step towards reducing red tape with a cheaper and more streamlined approach to setting up a charity in Queensland.

Office of Fair Trading (OFT) Executive Director Brian Bauer said that thanks to changes made to the regulations, from the end of January 2020 the process for registering a new charity is less costly and involves less red tape.

“We have modernised the process of applying to be a charity so groups no longer need to pay hundreds of dollars to take out newspaper advertisements as part of the registration process.” Mr Bauer said.

“From 31 January 2020, the OFT will publish the details of the proposed charity’s application online for free.

“When a group is looking at raising money for a charitable purpose it doesn’t want to spend time and money organising, writing, placing and paying for newspaper advertisements, so we have cut that requirement from Queensland’s charities registration process.

These changes have been undertaken to reduce red tape and improve services for Queenslanders.”

Queensland has over 2,000 organisations registered to undertake charitable fundraising.

As being a registered charity has a trusted status within the community the law provides a process for members of the public to lodge an objection to a group becoming registered.

By moving the notification of intention to register as a charity online, Queenslanders will have easier access to the information.

Further information about the changes is available at the OFT's charities and fundraising page via its website