Make sure your gift card is the gift that keeps giving after Mother's Day

15 May 2017

With Mother’s Day all wrapped up for 2017, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is reminding everyone who received a gift card yesterday to use them sooner rather than later.

Fair Trading Executive Director Brian Bauer said although gift cards were a popular option every Mother’s Day, recipients should make sure they get full value out of them.

“An estimated 30 per cent of gift cards purchased in Australia are never redeemed, leaving both the gift giver and receiver out of pocket,” Mr Bauer said.

“Make sure you check the whether the card has an expiry date and if so make a note of when that date is. Alternatively, use it as soon as you can as the longer you wait, the more risk you run of not being able to fully redeem it. If a retailer goes into liquidation, for example, often gift cards aren’t honoured.

“Always read over the terms and conditions of the card, including whether it is valid online or in-store only, has an expiry date, or can only be used on full-priced items.

“Be aware that some gift cards must be used in one transaction to get the full value out of them.”

Consumers who received a gift card for Mother’s Day should:

  • treat the card like cash and keep it somewhere safe
  • write the expiry date on the card (if it isn’t already on there)
  • read the terms and conditions associated with using the card
  • ask if a cash refund or remaining credit on the gift card is available before purchasing an item
  • use it right away, or set a reminder on a phone or calendar to use it well before it expires.

For further information on consumer rights, visit or call 13 QGOV (13 74 68).