Fair Trading highlights consumer law for NDIS this Disability Action Week

11 September 2018

The Office of Fair Trading is reminding people with disabilities and their carers about their consumer rights this Disability Action Week (9-15 September).

According to Acting Fair Trading Executive Director Sharon Simmers, it is important for people with disabilities and their carers to know their consumer rights apply to goods and services purchased with National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding.

"Goods and services paid for with NDIS funding are no different to any other goods and services, and the same consumer rights apply," Ms Simmers said.

"Goods must be of an acceptable quality, match any description provided, be fit for any purpose claimed by the manufacturer or salesperson, and be safe.

"Services must be provided with due care and skill, be fit for any specified purpose, and be delivered on time, or if no time is stated, within a reasonable timeframe.

"If a product or service fails to meet one of these guarantees, you have rights and you should not hesitate to use them when you raise the matter with the trader."

Ms Simmers said traders could not simply palm consumers off to manufacturers if something went wrong.

"If you have an issue with a product, the trader cannot simply refer you to the manufacturer. They must remedy the situation for you, even if that means liaising with the manufacturer themselves for a repair or replacement," she said.

Australian Consumer Law (ACL) regulators from across the country have produced consumer rights guides—including an Easy English version—and a series of short videos for consumers with disability to help navigate the law.

For more information or to order or download copies of the consumers with disability guides, visit