Buy Smart teachers' resources

Teachers' kit

The teachers' kit provides a full overview of the Buy Smart Program applied to specific year levels in one handy document. It contains suggested topics and presentation ideas for competition entries as well as classroom activities.

Download our:

Curriculum and learning

The Buy Smart Program can help teachers implement the Australian Curriculum in the classroom for students in Years 4 and up.

Teaching guides and relevant mapping for:

Teachers of Year 4 students can also download our Buy Smart lesson plans to access a suite of suggested lessons, worksheets and assessment activities relating to a range of topics and curriculum areas including:

  • Dealing with money (Mathematics)
  • Advertising (English)
  • Avoiding scams (HASS: Civics and Citizenship)

The program supports the National Consumer and Financial Literacy Framework (PDF, 690KB) and has been aligned to the curriculum in the following learning areas:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Digital Technology
  • Media Arts

Additional curriculum information is available for Years 5 to 10 on the national Consumer Law website.

More activities and resources

We have a wide range of student activities and resources to suit students at different year levels. These include:

  • videos and multimedia
  • brochures
  • exercises
  • puzzles and games.

Buy Smart Competition

A key part of the program is the Buy Smart Competition, which runs annually in schools throughout Queensland since 2002. With a prize pool of over $15,000, students could win up to $500 for themselves and $2,000 for their school.

The competition is open to Years 4 to 12, and allows for creative projects so that students can learn in a unique way that is mapped to the Australian Curriculum.

A key feature of the Buy Smart Competition is that you may use it as part of the assessment of your students.