Who can be on the management committee

The management committee must:

  • have at least 3 members
  • include the offices of president and treasurer (a person cannot be both).

An association must have a secretary. Many associations include the secretary as a committee member.


Your association’s rules must include:

  • who can be on your committee
  • what functions and powers the committee has
  • how to elect committee members
  • the term limit that exists for committee members
  • the reasons a position may become vacant
  • how to fill casual vacancies on the committee
  • how many you need for a quorum (how many committee members must be present for a meeting)
  • the procedures to follow at committee and general meetings.

General responsibilities

Duties for management committee members and officers must be undertaken with a degree of due care and diligence for the benefit of the association. Refer to what a committee does.


All members of the management committee (except for the secretary) must be:

  • 18 or older
  • a member of the association.

The secretary must be a resident of Queensland or live within 65km of the Queensland border. No such requirement exists for other committee members.


A person cannot sit on your committee if they have been convicted of certain offences within the last 5 years and the rehabilitation period for the conviction has not expired.

The 5-year period begins on the later of the following dates :

  • the day the conviction is recorded
  • the day the person is released from prison (if applicable)
  • the day any other court order relating to the conviction or term of imprisonment is satisfied.

A person also cannot sit on your committee if they are bankrupt.


A committee member's position may become vacant. If so, the committee may either:

If you appoint an acting member, you will need to hold an election at the AGM to fill the position permanently.

If the positions of president, secretary or treasurer become vacant, you will need to:

  • appoint a new officer to the role
  • advise us within a month of the position becoming vacant.

To advise us, fill out and submit a change of details form (PDF, 139KB).


Committee members have a duty to act in the best interests of the association. If they do not, they may be personally liable for the consequences.

This means they should:

  • never abuse their powers as committee members
  • declare conflict of interests
  • exercise due care, skill and diligence.

The committee must ensure the association fulfils its reporting requirements every year. If you don’t, we may issue a ‘show cause’ notice asking you to give reasons as to why we shouldn’t cancel the incorporation.


Members may nominate candidates. The committee must be elected:

  • at a general meeting (usually the AGM)
  • according to your association’s rules.

An election might happen by:

  • show of hands
  • secret ballot.

If your association uses a ballot for elections, you’ll need to appoint 2 ballot counters. They must:

  • be members of the association
  • not be candidates for the positions
  • announce the results at the meeting.