Fundraise for a charitable purpose

Register a charity

Before you can fundraise for a charity or for a charitable purpose, it must be registered with us. It is an offence to fundraise for a charity or for a charitable purpose in Queensland unless we have registered the charity or the appeal.


To register a charity, you must:

  • have a constitution that sets out your charitable objectives and operating rules (if you have some objectives that are non-charitable, you need to apply to fundraise for a community purpose instead)
  • be an association of 3 or more people (you do not have to be an incorporated association
  • have a ‘governing body’ that has control of the management of the association
  • have a clause in your constitution that states you are not-for-profit (unless your membership consists only of charities).

You must use the charity’s income and property to promote its objectives. You must not:

  • distribute it among members
  • pay dividends to members (unless the members are charities).

Who doesn’t need to register

These organisations may fundraise without registering as a charity:


Download the registration form


  • a copy of your association’s constitution, certified as accurate by 2 members of the governing body
  • a copy of the resolution or minutes from the meeting where the members or the governing body decided to apply for registration as a charity, certified as accurate by 2 members of the governing body
  • a statement of your association’s financial affairs (if available, audited financial statements)
  • written approval from the central body, if your association is a branch or section of a larger organisation.

There is no fee to lodge your application.

Objections process

Before we can register your charity, you must see if anyone objects to it.

Advertise for objections

You must put an advertisement in newspapers to tell people that you have applied to be a charity. The advertisement must appear in newspapers within 7 days of the date you sent us your application.

You must advertise in:

  • The Courier-Mail
  • a newspaper that publishes at least 5 days a week and circulates in the same area as your association’s registered address, if one exists.

You only need to advertise once in each newspaper.

You must send us a copy of the advertisement as soon as it’s published in the newspaper. Send us a photocopy of the whole page, so we can see the date it was published.

The notice must include:

  • the date your association applied for registration as a charity (if you did not lodge your application in person, this is the date that you posted your application to us)
  • how a person can lodge an objection
  • the closing date for objections (this is 1 month after the publication of the last advertisement).
Example notice

An application was lodged with the Department of Justice and Attorney-General on <date you lodged your application with us> for the registration of <name of your association> as a charity under the provisions of the Collections Act 1966. Any objection to this registration must be filed in the approved form with the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, and with a copy served on the secretary of <name of your association> at <registered address of your association> by <date 1 month after the publication of the last advertisement>.

Lodge an objection

Anyone can lodge an objection against the registration of an association as a charity.

Objections may be on the grounds that:

  • the charity will not be operated in good faith
  • a charity already exists for the same purpose
  • the charity will not be properly administered
  • an inappropriate person is connected to the charity.

To lodge an objection, you must:

  • complete and lodge the objection form with us
  • send a copy of the form to the association within 7 days of submitting it to us (we recommend using registered mail
  • prove to us that you have given a copy to the association.

The advertisement will give the due date for objections.

Responding to objections

If your association gets an objection, you have 1 month to respond.

Send your response to us.


Once we have made a decision, we will advise the association and the objector.