Understanding residential tenancy disputes

Residential tenancy disputes are minor civil disputes between tenants and landlords valued up to and including $25,000.

Disputes that QCAT resolves

The Queensland Civil Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) decides a range of residential tenancy disputes between:

  • tenants and landlords (lessors) or agents regarding issues including:
    • rents
    • bonds
    • holding deposits
    • service charges
    • standard of premises
    • entry onto the premises
    • locks and keys
    • re-location of moveable dwellings
    • moveable dwelling park rules
    • transfer or subletting by tenants
    • termination of tenancy agreements
    • compensation
    • exclusion of people from moveable dwelling parks
    • tenancy databases.
  • residents and providers of, or agents for, rooming accommodation regarding issues such:
    • agreements
    • rental bonds
    • payments
    • house rule changes
    • abandoned goods and documents
    • applications to end agreements.

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