Appointing a solicitor

We strongly recommend you get independent legal advice before you buy your new home.


When choosing a solicitor:

  • shop around for experience, services and costs
  • find a firm that specialises in property or conveyancing
  • make sure your solicitor isn’t connected to any other party (like the seller).

Before you appoint a solicitor, ask for a detailed quote for the work you want done. Some conveyancing solicitors may charge a set price.

The Queensland Law Society can help you find a solicitor in your area.

Solicitor’s duties

Ask your solicitor to:

  • check the sale contract before you sign
  • check the disclosure documents
  • give advice on your mortgage contract
  • carry out title searches and explain the results
  • explain how the purchase may affect your liability for land tax
  • explain mortgage insurance and other documents
  • explain your obligations if you receive a transfer duty concession.

They will deal with the seller (or their solicitor) to:

  • fix any problems that came up in pre-settlement inspections
  • handle your final payment on settlement day
  • transfer the property title from the seller to you.

Solicitors must have insurance—this protects you in case they do something wrong.


Contact the Legal Services Commission to make a complaint about your solicitor.