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Types of fines and penalties

  • Court orders

    Learn about fines given by a Supreme, District or Magistrates court for an offence you have been charged with.

  • Infringement notices

    Find out what your options are if you are issued with a ticket—on the spot, electronically or through the mail—and what happens if you do not act in time.

  • Offender debt recovery notices

    Learn about how financial help is given to victims of violent crimes. This money may be recovered from the person convicted of the offence.

  • Offender levies

    Find out about offender levies that help to pay for the cost of law enforcement.

  • Traffic fines and penalties

    Find out about traffic fines and demerit points including current penalties for speeding.

Have you received a call from SPER?

stop debt escalating

If you have an outstanding SPER debt, you might receive a call from us.

Penalty notice email scam

Read about the email scam asking clients for bank details to pay penalty infringement notices.

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13 February 2017

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