Seizing your property to pay your SPER debt

If you receive an enforcement order from the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) and do not pay or take other action by the due date, we can issue an enforcement warrant to seize and sell your property.

An enforcement warrant allows an officer to take possession of your property. This includes seizing and selling vehicles, boats, caravans and other personal items of value. It also includes seizing cash and registering an interest in real estate.

It is an offence to interfere with the execution of an enforcement warrant, or to transfer ownership or move property to avoid the warrant. Serious penalties apply.

How the funds are used

The funds received from seizing and selling property are used to pay your SPER debt.

Any costs incurred in this process can be added to your outstanding debt.

If the money received is not enough to cover your debt, you will still be liable for any outstanding amount.

If there is any money left over after your debt has been paid in full, it will be paid to you.