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Fine enforcement

  • Licence suspension by SPER

    Your driver licence may be suspended if you receive an enforcement order from SPER and fail to act in time. Find out what to do if this happens to you.

  • SPER fine collection notices

    SPER can issue a fine collection notice to collect your unpaid debt through your bank, employee wages or organisations that hold money on your behalf.

  • SPER registered interests in property

    Find out when and how SPER can impose a charge on your property if you do not pay your overdue debt.

  • SPER vehicle immobilisations

    Find out when a SPER enforcement officer can attach a wheel clamp, without your consent, to any vehicle registered in your name if you do not pay your debt.

  • SPER seizures and sales of property

    Find out when SPER can issue a warrant to seize and sell your property if you have not paid your debt.

  • SPER enforcement officers

    Enforcement officers can give you advice on the payment options available to help you clear your SPER debt.

Last updated
10 January 2017

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