Who can claim financial assistance for victims

Victims of violence committed in Queensland may be able to get financial assistance. Use this checklist to see if you can apply. We may also be able to help if a family members has died in a homicide or been killed by a dangerous driver.

Please answer the questions below. Depending on your answers, the information relevant to your situation will display.

This checklist tells you if you should apply. It won't tell you if you are eligible for financial assistance or not. If you decide to apply, your application will still need to be assessed under the rules set out in the Victims of Crime Assistance Act 2009. We don't collect or save any of your answers.


This checklist asks for information about the violence and your injuries. This may be distressing to you. You may want to make sure you have privacy when using this checklist.

Answer the following questions to see if you are eligible to apply for financial assistance.