Research and statistics about victims of crime

Australian research

Victims of Crime Clearinghouse – use the online database for reports, papers and journal articles. You can also find recent surveys and details of conferences.

Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety (ANROWS)—includes peer-reviewed articles and government reports on domestic and family violence.

Australian Institute of Family Studies—the Australian Government’s research body on family issues and wellbeing.

Child Family Community Australia—resources for people working in child protection and family support.

Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse—news, reports and policy documents for people working in Indigenous justice.

The Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration—research and education for lawyers and court administrators.

Australian Disability Clearinghouse—information, resources and training (including teaching, learning and assessment) for disability workers, teachers and support staff.

Productivity Commission—independent research and advice to Government on economic, social and environmental issues affecting the welfare of Australians.

Queensland Audit Office—The Queensland Audit Office is the independent auditor of the Queensland public sector.

Crime and justice statistics

Australian Institute of Criminology

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Queensland Police Service

Queensland Government Statistician's Office

National Statistical Service

Queensland Government data portal, which includes statistics about the financial assistance applications Victim Assist received.

Reports on access to Queensland support services

Indigenous healing

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People Healing Project 2013 looks at culturally appropriate ways to help Indigenous victims of crime.

The report identifies the needs of Indigenous people and ways to improve current services.

Youth engagement

The Youth Engagement Report 2013 looks at some of the reasons young people are not engaging with us and getting financial help. It recommends ways to include and inform young people. Contact Victim Assist for a copy of the report.

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