Register your party

We can provide advice and resources to help you organise a safe and lawful party if you register it with us.

Try to register 2 weeks before the day of the party so we can give you the information and help you need.

How to register


Register online if you have a current email address and are:

  • the person holding the party


  • registering on behalf of the person holding the party.

At your local police station

Visit your local police station and ask for a party safe registration form.

After you register

We will give you a party safe poster and party safe wristbands, to use at your party.

The wristbands can only be used once. They make it easier to recognise your guests so you know who should be at the party.

The party safe poster helps you to let everyone know that your party has been registered with local police.

We like to get party registrations from commercial operators (e.g. DJs, party planners, event planners, and venues) but we cannot supply party safe resources for commercial events.

Will police show up at the party if I register?

Registering your party does not mean police will provide security or that police will attend.

However, on the day of the party we may go to, or drive past the party address, or phone you to check that the party is going safely.


Even if your party is registered, we will respond to public complaints about party noise or the behaviour of your guests.

We will also respond if the party gets out of hand or if we believe an offence is being committed.

Our ability to respond will depend on the resources available at the time and the type of incident.

Alcohol and noise

Registering your party with local police does not mean you can make as much noise as you like.

You and your guests must also follow all alcohol licensing laws. This does not change just because your party is registered.

You may be breaking the law if you sell alcohol or charge a fee to attend the party.

Contact the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation —phone 137 468—for more information on responsible drinking.