Preventing crime

Preventing crime is everyone’s responsibility. Here you will find information on what police and communities are doing, and what you can do.

What police are doing

The Queensland Police Service (the police) is the government’s lead agency for crime prevention in Queensland. They work with the community, government agencies and businesses to identify and prevent the causes of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Police programs to help the community

We run many safety and crime prevention activities with the community to reduce  criminal and anti-social behaviours, including:

  • Drink Rite—promoting responsible attitudes to alcohol consumption and preventing drink driving
  • Mental Health Intervention Program—helping to safely resolve mental health crisis situations, and reduce injury to the community and agency staff
  • Police Beats programs—policing in a defined geographical area to work with and identify community needs
  • School-based Policing Program—School-based Policing and Adopt-a-Cop programs support students and the school community to build positive relationships and contribute to a safe and supportive learning environment
  • Police Citizens Youth Club—offering Queensland youth opportunities to participate in sporting, recreation, cultural and welfare programs.

Community groups

Police also provide specific help to community groups. Read about:

What communities are doing

Safety audits

You can participate or organise a safety audit (in public areas) about any crime-related or safety concern in your area (e.g. parks, bus stops and streets).

Safety audits can reduce crime and safety risks.

The results may  help authorities, such as planners, councils and police, to identify crime and safety issues and possible solutions.

Read more about community safety audits, including guidelines on what format to use.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is an internationally recognised program that reduces neighbourhood crime and increases community safety.

The program’s aim is to protect you and your property, improve your home security, encourage greater awareness and community spirit.

What you can do

To protect yourself from crime, learn how to: