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Application or referral for disciplinary proceeding

This form is Form 22 under the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2009.

Certain professional bodies can apply using this form to start a disciplinary action against a person, company or business through QCAT.

Who can apply online

You can use this form to start certain disciplinary proceedings if you are a board, chief executive, commission or other entity applying on behalf of an eligible occupational group.

If you want to start a disciplinary proceedings but you are not applying on behalf of an eligible occupational group, we recommend you get legal advice about whether QCAT can decide your matter.

How to complete this form

To complete this form you will need:

  • the respondent's details, including their occupational group
  • your representative's details (if you have one and you want any notices sent to them)
  • an affidavit stating the grounds of the disciplinary action
  • information on the orders you are asking the tribunal to make
  • details of the legislation under which the application or referral is being made.

If the respondent is not an individual, you must use the correct name (e.g. a company name or a business name) whether it is registered or not. You must also state the correct ABN/ACN for the company or business.

More information on identifying respondent names.

You can also download Form 22—Application or referral for disciplinary proceeding to print.

Important attachments

As you complete this form, you will be asked to upload relevant attachments, including an affidavit stating the particular grounds of the disciplinary action and any documents to support your application.

QCAT may require you to lodge additional copies of your attachments during the proceeding. As you complete the form, you will be guided along the way.

What happens next

When you submit your application it will be automatically received by QCAT.

Your application is not filed until QCAT seals it (i.e. stamps it with the official QCAT stamp). We will email you to confirm your application has been filed. A sealed copy will also be emailed to you (or your representative) at the email address you provide.

QCAT will review your application and contact you about the next steps.

What you must do

You must give a sealed copy of your application and all of the attachments to each of the respondents by no later than 7 days after your application is filed.

QCAT may require you to provide additional copies of your application during the proceeding.

Review of disciplinary decisions

If you are an individual and a professional body has made a disciplinary decision about you, you cannot use Form 22 to start proceedings in QCAT.  You have the right to apply to QCAT to review the decision.  You can do this by completing Form 23—Application to review a decision.

Your legal rights

If you are unsure about your legal rights you should get legal advice.

Protecting your privacy

QCAT collects your contact details for the purposes of compliance with the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2009 in relation to proceedings in QCAT. QCAT may contact you for assistance in research to evaluate the operation of QCAT. You are not obliged to participate in feedback or surveys. If you do participate no identifying particulars will be published. QCAT will not disclose your contact details or any other personal information to a third party unless required by law.

Contact QCAT

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16 December 2016
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