Fill in a letter of no record of marriage application form

Use this application form to apply for a letter of no record of marriage if you are getting married overseas and need evidence of your marriage status and history in Queensland.

It will take you about 10 minutes to complete this application form.

Step 1—Complete online

  1. Answer the questions.
  2. Download and print the completed application form.

Step 2—Complete on paper and submit

  1. Get your proof of ID and supporting documents.
  2. Proof of ID documents must be submitted by post or in person. Get your documents certified by a Justice of the Peace or another authorised person, if submitting by post.
  3. Submit the application form with supporting documents and payment to us either:
    1. by post to Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, PO BOX 15188, CITY EAST QLD 4002
    2. in person at the Brisbane registry customer service centre at Level 32, 180 Ann Street, Brisbane or your nearest Queensland Magistrates Court or Queensland Government Agency Program (QGAP) office (except the Brisbane Magistrates Court).

Step 3—What next?

  1. Check with the consulate of the country where you plan to get married, to find out if you need to get the letter that we provide you legalised with an apostille stamp.
  1. Can I search for marriages in Queensland?
    1. Are you the person who the search is for? *
    2. Do you have all the proof you need for identification? * View the proof you will need to provide
  2. Fill in your application form Fill in the application form before downloading and printing it.
    1. Marriage search details
      1. You will need to tell us the search details in your completed application form. The type of searches done are from either:
        • - when you turn 16 years old to present
          - if you are divorced—from the date of your divorce to present
          - if your previous spouse passed away—from their date of death to present
          - if you have moved to live in Queensland—from the date you moved to Queensland to present.
      2. Period of years to be searched
      3. Have you been married before? *
      4. Date your most recent marriage ended (If you chose ‘Yes’ above)
          1. *
        1. How did your most recent marriage end?*
    2. Have you used other names? *
    3. The search will be made under your name at birth if you do not provide more information.
    4. Does a search need to be made under the other name? There is a cost of $24.65 for each additional name searched to be paid when the application is made. * (If you chose ‘Yes’ above)
    5. Additional search details (If you chose ‘Yes’ above)
      1. Period of years to be searched
    6. Birth details
      1. Place of birth
      2. Name (at time of your birth)
      3. Sex *
        • It is important that parent names are completed.
        • The details help us do the search that you require but will not be included on the letter of no record of marriage in Queensland.
      4. Mother's name (as shown on your birth certificate)
      5. Father's/parent's name (as shown on your birth certificate) If no father/parent is on your birth certificate enter n/a
    7. Who is applying
      1. Your relationship to the person named in the marriage search details *
      2. Other relationship
          1. *
      3. Your name As shown on your proof of ID
      4. Your home address
      5. Are the postal details different to the address provided above? *
      6. Postal details (If you chose ‘Yes’ above)
      7. Do you want the letter posted to a different person? *
        1. Name
        2. Postal address
    8. Type of post * Australia Post delivery timeframes
    9. Ensure the safe delivery of your document

      You have changed the type of post. We value identity protection, therefore we recommend that you choose registered post so that the delivery of your document can be tracked and delivered to you securely.

    10. Payment details
      1. I enclose payment of the fee by * Select option
    11. Before I return the application form *

      Your application form is almost ready to be downloaded and printed

      Please take the time to look over the details you have provided.

You are not eligible

We cannot provide a letter of no record of marriage in Queensland unless you have authority and proof of ID from the person who the search is for.

You are not eligible

We cannot provide a letter of no record of marriage in Queensland unless you can prove your identity.

Privacy notice
The Department of Justice and Attorney-General is collecting your personal information for the purpose of processing your no record of marriage application under the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 2003. Unless required or authorised by law, your personal information will not be provided to any other third party without your consent.