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We have reduced the time it takes for us to process your certificate and historical record orders, through improvements made to our online ordering and identity management systems.

Registering a birth, death or marriage in Queensland has been compulsory since 1856.  We now have images of all registers we hold as well as a large number of source documents—not all source documents will be available.

We do not store death source documents, as they are only needed for us to make sure the details in a death registration are correct.

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The registers

We are the custodian of Queensland's family history, responsible for recording, storing and making life event records available to you in Queensland. Our priceless archive of registers and records are preserved for you and future generations, whether you are an amateur historian researching your family tree or a professional genealogist.

The bound registers weigh in at a hefty 6kg to 16kg each—to find your family records we used index books to point us to the correct register. This was a physically difficult and time-consuming process, with many registers beginning to deteriorate due to age.

These life event registers are now homed in a suitable environment at the Queensland State Archives.  

Many registers were repaired in the bindery before they could be digitised.  Our Bindery Operations Officer is highly skilled with over 50 years' experience in preserving Queensland's family history and carefully restoring our collection of bound life event registers. 

What we did

The digitisation project:

  • processed over 10 million images
  • transcribed 2.5 million of the most requested records which affected over 6 million life events
  • improved our service delivery and reduced costs to you.

The benefits of digitisation include:

  • preserving our records for future generations
  • speeding up access to your family life events
  • giving you a way to get information online and download images instantly
  • improving exchange of information and electronically validate birth, marriage and deaths records and promote better identity management.

Work continues 

Some of the digitisation project team continue their good work to make source documents more widely available. 

Source documents for an additional 312,000 marriage registrations from 1940 back to 1860 will be released in stages.  These source documents will be available 40,000 at a time and will cover a number of years for both Brisbane and country registrations.  As these are released they will be available for you to buy online.

Further work will be considered to deliver source birth documents for another 580,000 birth registrations from 1915 back to 1857. Once these are released they will be available for you to buy online.

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Last updated
23 October 2015

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