Chinese commemorative marriage certificate

Introducing our newest commemorative marriage certificate!

This design was illustrated and painted by the talented Silka Huang, a Gold Coast and Brisbane-based artist.

Buying a commemorative marriage certificate

You can buy the Chinese themed commemorative marriage certificate by applying online, by post or in person. To be eligible, you must have been married in Queensland.

Commemorative marriage certificates are not official documents and cannot be used to prove your identity. If you need a certificate for identification purposes (e.g. to apply for a driver licence), please apply for our official marriage certificate or commemorative marriage certificate package which includes an official marriage certificate.

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Chinese commemorative certificate design

The double happiness character frequently appears on traditional decorative items associated with marriage, and the symbol is often found all over the ceremony. Silka has created the character written in Chinese calligraphy inside a circle, which represents completeness in Chinese tradition.

The peony is the king of flowers and national flower of China. This pattern is symbolic of love, honour, happiness, romance, wealth and beauty.

Artist Silka Huang working on the peony element of the design.

Artist Silka Huang working on the peach element of the design. Peaches are a blessed and lucky fruit. A wedding with peaches means the couple will be blessed and start their life together as sweet as peaches.

The ‘ruyi lock’ or lock of good wishes is a protective talisman and a pledge given by the couple to each other. It represents wishing the other person all the best.

Leaves are a sign of vitality and can wish the couple’s family longevity.

A variety of totems are included to complete the design. The heart totems are a symbol of love and romance. The sun totem represents Queensland, with a sun-inspired flower at the top and a curved branch following the Queensland coastline.

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