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Let's protect respect

Respect is changing workplaces for the better.

Discrimination, bullying and harassment must have no place in the workplace.

Positive action is needed to reinforce behavioural standards and, in doing so, build inclusive skilled workforces where more people want to start and stay.

Calling it out and taking action, without causing further harm, is one of the top 10 things workplace leaders can do for gender equality (Queensland Women's Strategy 2022–27, p9).

Leaders can start by promoting and displaying zero tolerance for sexual discrimination, bullying and harassment.

From Queensland Women's Week (5–12 March 2023), we're empowering our skilled workforce leaders to make the call – #LetsProtectRespect – across their industries and workplaces.

The campaign is among new initiatives strengthening support to train and retain.

This promotional pack includes materials for industry bodies and employers to share on social media and electronically, and to print and display in workplaces, training locations and in induction packs.

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Posters and flyers

Posters for workplaces

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A4 and DL flyers for apprentices, trainees and employers

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Pledge postcard

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