Becoming more employable

Employability skills are the basic non-technical skills and knowledge needed for employees to effectively participate in the workforce. These skills are also referred to as capabilities, enabling skills, key competencies, or generic skills.

There are many parts of your life where you can develop your employability skills, including your job, school or studying, hobbies, sport, and helping your local community.

Improve your employability skills

Australian employers have selected skill areas needed for successful workplace performance in all employment. Find out more about employability skills and the core skill areas.

Sometimes you may need to study to get the skills or qualification you need to be employed in a particular area. You may just be looking for a short course, or some professional development to improve your prospects in your current job, or help you get a promotion.

Read about education, training and qualifications, and how study or training can help you get a job, or advance in your career.

Volunteering and work experience

Being a volunteer is a great way to contribute to your local community, and can help you to become more employable by improving your skills and knowledge.

Find out how you can take part in volunteering or work experience that suits your interests and goals.

Job expos

Make yourself more employable by finding out as much as you can about careers or industries that you are interested in. You can meet industry employers, education and training providers, government agencies and community groups at a job or career expo.

Check where you can find job expos.

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