Waiting for housing

​If you are eligible for housing you will be placed on the Housing Register (waiting list) according to your level of housing need:

  • Very high need  
  • High need
  • Moderate need   

The level of housing need will generally determine who will be offered housing first.   

For more information, see Being offered housing

Being offered housing

We cannot predict when an offer of housing will be made to you. Offers of housing depend on: 

  • how many houses there are in the community where you want to live
  • how many houses become vacant from people moving out
  • how many people waiting on the Housing Register have a higher level of housing need than you, and
  • how many people waiting on the Housing Register have the same housing need as you but their application was approved before yours.

Changes in your circumstances or housing need

If you are approved for housing, you must always tell us if your household’s circumstances or housing needs change. Some of the changes you will need to tell us about are:

  • your new address if you've moved
  • if your name changes, e.g. if you marry, divorce or separate
  • if the number of people on your housing application changes, e.g. if you have a baby, you and your partner separate, you add someone new to your application or someone in your household moves out, or
  • if there are changes to someone’s health, e.g. if someone cannot climb stairs or has a disability or medical condition.

Changing the areas you want to live in

While you are waiting you can change the areas where you want to live. Talk to Housing staff to change your areas.

You no longer need housing assistance

If you no longer need housing, let us know as soon as possible so your application can be cancelled.

The department visiting your home

While you are waiting for housing, we may visit you at home to check your eligibility for housing assistance and your housing need information.

Being away from your home

Let us know if you plan to go on holidays or leave, so your application is not affected if we try to get in contact with you while you are away.

More information

Please talk to Housing staff for further information regarding your application for housing.