Help for people experiencing domestic, family or sexual violence

This information is for people living in public housing experiencing domestic, family or sexual violence.

If you are worried that the violence you are experiencing is going to affect your tenancy or where you are living now, please contact your nearest Housing Service Centre.

Our priority is keeping you and your family safe. If you are unsafe due to violence, please contact your nearest Housing Service Centre.

There are protections to help:

  • You can vacate your public housing property immediately.
  • You won't be responsible for costs for
    • property damage caused due to domestic, family or sexual violence
    • goods left behind at the public housing property.
  • You can change the locks to the public housing property without our consent or ask us to do this on your behalf.

If you need immediate help to access and maintain safe housing, talk to your nearest Housing Service Centre about our Flexible Assistance Package.

We can source cost-effective, essential goods and services, such as:

  • removalist costs to relocate to a safe property
  • basic furniture, fridge or washing machine if you have had to leave things behind when you fled.

If appropriate, we will also work with other support services to ensure you and your children are safe.

For help with domestic and family violence, please call:

If you have recently experienced sexual assault, rape or sexual violence:

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