Solar panel trial

We are installing solar panels in trial locations to deliver cheaper solar energy to public housing tenants.

The Cairns, Rockhampton and Logan Housing Service Centre areas have households taking part in the trial.

A 200-kilowatt rooftop solar farm is being trialled in Lockhart River to save on the cost of supplying diesel power to the community. Some of the savings will be shared with eligible public housing tenants in the community. If you are eligible, you will receive a solar benefit on your prepaid electricity card.

What are the benefits?

Households in the trial will have access to cheaper solar power.

How will the trial work?

The trial will test different business models.

  1. A solar power purchase agreement for public housing properties managed by the Cairns and Rockhampton Housing Service Centres in regional Queensland, as well as the Logan Housing Service Centre in South East Queensland.
  2. A 200-kilowatt rooftop solar farm has been installed on government-owned buildings in the remote Indigenous community of Lockhart River.

The trials are being conducted in partnership between the Department of Housing and Public Works and the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.

When will the trial start?

The Cairns and Rockhampton Sunny Savers trial started in September 2017. Registrations for this trial have now closed.

The Logan trial is expected to start in July 2019.

The Lockhart River rooftop solar farm was installed in late 2017. Tenants received the first prepaid electricity cards in early 2018.

What will happen as a result of the trial?

We will use the results from the trial to evaluate the costs and benefits and decide whether the program can be expanded to other areas across Queensland.

More information

Contact your local Housing Service Centre.