Your housing offer

We contact you when a social housing property becomes available in an area you listed on your application.

You are offered housing based on your household size.

We ask if you’re ready to move. If you are, you can inspect the property. This is called an ‘offer of housing’. We may put your application on hold if you’re not ready to move.

Inspecting the property

We give you the keys and you can look at the property. You must return the keys to us by 4pm on the same day.

If you want to move in

When you return the keys, you can tell the staff if you’d like to move in. We then make an appointment with you to sign a State tenancy agreement.

Refusing a housing offer

If you don’t want to move into the property, you need to discuss your reasons with Housing Service Centre staff.

We ask for a reason why you can’t accept the property, such as:

  • the distance from schools, medical and support services
  • specific employment and education needs.

We may put your application on hold until you’re ready to move. If you need to put your application on hold, talk to your nearest Housing Service Centre.

Refusing for an unacceptable reason

If you don’t have an acceptable reason for refusing the housing offer, we change your application date to the date you refused the housing offer and your wait time recommences from this date.

We may not make another offer for a long time.

Examples of unacceptable reasons include that you:

  • wanted a brick house instead of timber
  • didn’t like the street where the property was located.

Refusing more than once

You can refuse an offer of housing more than once.

However, if you refuse 2 offers without reason, we cancel your application and you can’t reapply for housing for 1 year.

Not responding to an offer

If you don’t respond to an offer of housing, we cancel the offer and your application. We send you a letter telling you this has happened.

It’s important to tell us about any changes to your housing needs.

If you’re unhappy with the decision

If you believe our decision was wrong, unfair or unreasonable, contact your nearest Housing Service Centre to discuss your situation and request an application for review.

If you apply for a review, you must give us as much information as possible to explain why our decision was wrong, unfair or unreasonable.

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