Long-term and affordable housing

Both long-term community housing and affordable housing may be suitable for eligible people who have needs that other housing options don’t or can’t meet.

The Queensland Government provides funding for housing providers in the community to deliver these types of housing.

Long-term and affordable housing properties can include houses, units and duplexes.

Long-term community housing

The Long Term Community Housing program provides appropriate and affordable, community-managed rental housing to people in the greatest need for as long as they need it.

They are offered longer term tenancies and rent is 25% of their household assessable income.

Affordable housing

The Affordable Housing program increases the supply of long-term affordable housing that is appropriate in terms of design, location and access to services and facilities.

Generally, these tenants pay rent as a discount of the market rent—no more than 30% of the household’s gross income. Read more about how rent is calculated in community housing.

Some community housing and affordable housing providers offer housing to people from specific client groups (e.g. seniors, people with a disability etc). Providers work with local support agencies to assist their tenants.

How to apply

There is a common application system for transitional and long-term housing assistance. Read instructions on how to apply.