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Buy property and title searches

Buy property title searches and survey plans online, and your products will be emailed to you shortly.

You can search by address or by lot on plan.

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Read more about how to use the property and title search.

What is available

You can currently order the following products. More will be available in the future.

Current title search

The title search may include:

  • registered owner, lessee, licensee, permittee, trustee (e.g. company, corporation or individual/s)
  • tenancy of how the land is held (e.g. joint tenants, tenants in common, trustee, personal representative)
  • real property description shown as a lot on plan (i.e. legal description of land)
  • title reference (i.e. an 8 digit number which is a unique identifier issued by the Titles Registry)
  • land tenure (e.g. freehold, non-freehold, unallocated state land)
  • legal description of the land (i.e. lot on plan)
  • registered easement, encumbrances and interests (including mortgages, leases, covenants and easements).

Please note: A title search is current at the time of purchase.

Survey plans

An image of a survey plan shows the location, dimensions and area of the parcel of land.

Note: Survey plans are provided as a TIF file. TIF is an image file format and may require photo software to view.

Read more about surveying and survey plans.

Terms and conditions

Before ordering these products, read our terms and conditions. Also, read the disclaimer and refund policy on the review cart page.

Ordering via other channels

You can also buy your titles and property products through a distributor or by phone or over the counter.

Other useful searches and products

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