Applying for a first home owner grant

When the grant is paid

The grant is paid at different times depending on how and when you apply, and whether you are building or buying. For this reason, it’s best not to count on using the grant as a deposit.

You do not need a deposit to apply for the grant itself.

Applying through banks and lending institutions

If you have applied through a bank or lending institution, the timeframe for payment is generally:

  • at settlement, for buying a new home (including off-the-plan purchases)
  • on the first drawdown of funds, for contracts to build your new home
  • on receipt of a final inspection certificate, for building your new home as an owner–builder.

Applying to Queensland Revenue Office

If you are buying or building your new home (either under a contract or as an owner-builder) and applying for the grant directly with us, the grant is not paid until you have supplied us with the final inspection certificate. Other home owner grants (i.e. HomeBuilder, Regional home building boost) have different requirements about which documents have to be supplied and when.

Type of transaction

When grant is paid

Buying your home

When you have a registration confirmation statement showing your name on the title of the property

There are other conditions for instalment-purchase and vendor finance contracts

Building your home

When you have a final inspection certificate

In this guide:

  1. Check your eligibility
  2. Understand your obligations
  3. How and when to apply
  4. When the grant is paid

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