Types of electricity contracts

When entering into a contract with an electrical retailer, the contract can take 2 forms:

  • a standard retail contract—where the customer is charged at the default price/rate set by
  • a market (or negotiated) retail contract—where the customer accepts or negotiates a different price/rate (often including a discount) with the electricity retailer.

Standard retail contracts

Customers on a standard retail contract can switch retailers at any time.

There are no late payment fees and no fee for terminating the contract (i.e. an exit fee) as a standard retail contract has no expiry date.

Customers on standard retail contracts pay for their electricity supply at the set standing offer price notified by the electricity retailer.

South East Queensland electricity customers

South East Queensland customers on standard retail contracts can research for a better deal using the Energy Made Easy website.

Regional Queensland electricity customers

In regional Queensland, the Queensland Competition Authority sets the prices for standard retail contracts annually (known as notified prices).

Ergon Energy can only offer standard retail contracts.

Market retail contracts

Most market retail contracts offered in Queensland are for a set term. If you wish to switch retailers before the expiry date of your current contract, you will generally be expected to pay an exit fee. Exit fees in Queensland are capped at $20.

Market retail contracts typically include a condition allowing the retailer to alter (i.e. increase or decrease) its market prices at any time.

If you are unsure, contact your retailer and ask them about the terms and conditions of your contract and the options available.

Ergon Energy cannot offer market contracts. However, regional Queensland customers may be able to obtain competitive market offers from private sector retailers.

Switching contracts

If you are on a standard retail contract and are considering switching to a market retail contract, contact your retailer and ask about its market offers and prices, and the terms and conditions.

You can compare and choose available electricity deals offered by electricity retailers using Energy Made Easy or you can contact your current electricity retailer to ask for a better electricity deal.

If you are in regional Queensland and on a market retail contract, you can ask your retailer to switch you to the retailer’s standard retail contract. You will then be charged the notified prices (just like Ergon Energy customers).

If you're in regional Queensland and currently with another retailer, you have the option to return to Ergon Retail and to access Easy Pay Reward (eligibility criteria applies). This is a rebate for regional households ($75) if you register for direct debit and monthly eBilling.

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