Digital meter installation

Under the Electricity Act 1994 and the Electricity Regulation 2006, all new and replacement electricity meters installed in homes will be digital meters.

Responsibility for installation

When a new digital meter is required, your electricity retailer will be responsible for managing the installation process and will be able to answer your questions.

Who installs digital meters

Digital meters may only be installed by licensed and qualified electricians, acting on behalf of your electricity retailer, and in accordance with relevant electrical safety standards.

Your electricity retailer will organise the electrician who will install the new meter.

When will a digital meter be installed

A new digital meter will be installed in the following circumstances:

  • new connections (e.g. new homes)
  • replacement of old or faulty meters
  • to support a your chosen electricity product (e.g. a new tariff or installation of a solar power system)
  • replacement of working meters as part of an electricity retailer’s digital meter roll-out.

New homes

For connections to new homes, the new digital meter will be installed as part of the building process.

Replacement of meters

For replacements of existing meters, old meters will be removed by the installer and returned to the electricity distributor (i.e. Energex, Ergon Energy). If this does not occur, you should contact your electricity retailer.

Extent of property owner responsibilities

The wiring inside the house, the switchboard and the meter enclosure/box remains the responsibility of the property owner (e.g. home owner, landlord, property manager). If you experience issues with these, you should contact a licenced electrical contractor.

Residents of multi-unit complexes

If you live in a multi-unit complex (e.g. apartment block, caravan park or other type of residential complex) check with your site owner or building manager if you have any questions about property owner responsibilities about your wiring and the meter box.

Problems with digital meters

If you experience any problems with your meter, or your electricity service, you should contact your electricity retailer immediately.

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