Applying for a reassessment

How to apply

To apply for a reassessment or refund of transfer (stamp) duty, send us the following documents within the relevant period:

  • a letter asking for a reassessment
  • the original stamped documents (unless otherwise advised)
  • any correspondence between the parties confirming the reasons for the reassessment
  • a completed statutory declaration (where required)
  • a copy of the relevant form
  • an EFT refund form (so we can transfer any refund to your bank account).

Find out about lodging documents for reassessment, and the timeframes for reassessment.

This table shows the forms required for common reassessed transactions.

Reason for reassessment

Form required

Home concession—non-compliance with occupancy requirements

Form D2.4 (online)

Form D2.4 (PDF)

(The original stamped document is not needed if you are completing a Form D2.4.)

Home concession

First home concession

Form 2.1
First home vacant land concession Form D2.7

Cancelled agreement


Cancelled transfer

Form D2.8

Unfit, void or voidable instrument

Form D16.1

Family business concession

Form D2.5

Exemption or other reason not listed above

Form D2.2

Post the documents to:

Queensland Revenue Office
GPO Box 2593
Brisbane Qld 4001

We cannot accept payments or documents in person.

Alternative documentation

We understand that the original instruments or written statements may not be available for you to send to us (e.g. they have been lost or already lodged with Titles Queensland).

In these situations, we accept the following alternative documentation if it enables us to make a reassessment:

  • a copy of the document showing the stamping details
  • a statutory declaration outlining the
    • reason why you can’t lodge the original
    • full facts and circumstances of the transaction
    • parties to the transaction
    • value of the transaction liable for duty (i.e. either the unencumbered value of the property or the consideration for the transaction)
    • amount of duty paid
    • lodgement/stamping reference, or client number and lodgement/assessment number (if the assessment was made by Queensland Revenue Office)
    • self assessor’s reference number or client number and the transaction number (if the assessment was made by a self assessor, such as your solicitor).