Notice for reassessment of transfer duty—home, first home or vacant land concession (Form D2.4)

When to complete this form

Complete this form within 28 days if you received the benefit of a home, first home or first home vacant land concession and:

  • you did not move into the residence within
  • the previous owner or existing tenant did not move out within 6 months
  • you granted a new lease or extended an existing lease before moving in or within 1 year of moving in
  • you sold, transferred or otherwise granted exclusive possession of all or part of the property before or within 1 year of moving in.

When not to complete this form

You do not need to complete this form if you received the benefit of a concession and you:

  • transferred part of the land to your spouse and the transfer was exempt from duty under s.151 of the Duties Act 2001
  • entered into a retirement village leasing arrangement for the residence.

Duty, interest and penalties

Your transaction may be reassessed, requiring you to pay back all or part of the concession.  Unpaid tax interest and penalty tax may also apply.

Failing to give notice that you are no longer able to meet the requirements for the concession is an offence.  The maximum penalty is $13,055.

  1. Disclaimer
    1. *
    2. *
  2. Part A—Your details
    1. Your name
    2. Your postal address
  3. Part B—Other party to the transaction
    1. Did you claim the concession with another person? *
    2. Are the other person's circumstances the same as yours? * (If you chose ‘Yes’ above)
    3. (If you chose ‘No’ above)
    4. Enter the other party's details below
  4. Part C—Property details
  5. Part D—Concession type claimed
  6. Part E—Your circumstances (If you chose ‘First home vacant land concession’ above)
  7. Part E—Your circumstances (If you chose ‘Both the home and first home concessions’ above)
  8. Part E—Your circumstances (If you chose ‘First home concession’ above)
  9. Part E—Your circumstances
  10. Provide dates
  11. Part F—Special circumstances (If you chose ‘You otherwise did not meet a concession requirement.’ above)
  12. Part G—Verification
    1. This form can be signed by the person(s) who claimed the concession or their agent.
  13. Part G—Verification for other party to the transaction (If you chose ‘Yes’ above)