Building laws and standards

Building legislation

Find Queensland building legislation and codes, including the Queensland Development Code.

Building access standards for people with a disability

Check building access standards certifiers, designers and construction companies must adhere to in providing non-discriminatory access to public buildings for people with disability.

Pool/spa fencing and safety laws

Read about the standards for pool fences and safety barriers in Queensland.

If you are building a new pool (including spas), check the safety laws of pools. Find out your responsibilities, including how to get a pool safety certificate.

For more information, contact the Queensland Building and Construction Commission on 139 333.

Plumbing laws

Find Queensland plumbing laws and regulations, including who is affected by the legislation.

Decks and balconies

Read safety tips for building or maintaining a deck or balcony in Queensland.

Sustainable housing

Sustainable housing laws aim to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by making your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

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