• Personal stories - from people who have personal experience with skin cancer
  • The experts - the facts on skin cancer and what you can do to protect yourself

Personal stories

Kim Liddell

Kim is in her late 20s and is the mother of 2 young children. Kim shares her thoughts on protecting her own and her children's skin from exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) from the sun. Kim also talks about family members who have had different forms of skin cancer, and the recent death of her husband's uncle from melanoma.

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Lisa Stick

Lisa is 18 and is studying physical education. She plays netball and works as a swimming instructor. Lisa shares her thoughts on sun safety, and gives some great tips for protecting your skin when playing sport outdoors.

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Tracey Ether

Tracey shares her story of losing her much-loved daughter Amanda to melanoma—she was just 26.

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Reagan O'Grady—'It only happens to old people, right?'

Wrong—skin cancer can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime. Reagan was just 17 when she had a melanoma removed from her face.

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Darren Lee—The importance of early detection

Darren was 41 when he was diagnosed with melanoma, and less than 1 year later, the melanoma has metastasized and travelled to his liver. Darren talks about the impact of his diagnosis on himself and his family, and shares his key message of the importance of early detection of melanoma.

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The experts

Professor Michael Kimlin—what is UVR?

Professor Michael Kimlin is the Director of the Australian Sun and Health Research Centre, and is an internationally recognised expert on ultraviolet radiation (UVR). He explains what UVR is and what we need to do to protect ourselves when outdoors.

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Professor Michael Kimlin—'It all adds up!'

Professor Kimlin explains the concepts of cumulative and incidental UVR exposure.

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Professor David Whiteman—'Skin cancer is a significant health issue for young people'

Professor David Whiteman, from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, is an internationally recognised medical epidemiologist who specialises in understanding the causes of skin cancer. He says melanoma is a significant health issue for young people—1 in every 4 cases of cancer diagnosed in young people is melanoma.
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Dr Jim Muir—'Get to know your own skin'

Dr Jim Muir is the Director of Dermatology at the Mater Hospital. He talks about the importance of getting to know your own skin, and using sun protection methods to prevent the development of skin cancer.

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