Community health services

Community health services are available in the community, residential aged care facilities, hospitals, schools and community venues.

You can get help with:

  • alcohol, tobacco and drug related issues
  • sexual health
  • diabetes
  • child health and safety
  • cancer screening (breasts, bowel and cervical)
  • dental services
  • Indigenous
  • refugee health
  • pregnancy and postnatal care
  • management of chronic disease
  • rehabilitation services
  • hospital avoidance and substitution services
  • palliative care
  • healthy lifestyle and weight management
  • health outreach services.

Community health services:

  • provide comprehensive primary health care services
  • encourage good health and advise how to prevent ill health
  • help people manage existing health conditions to avoid hospitalisation
  • enable people to recover from hospital treatment in the comfort of their homes
  • address the high risk of disease in specific communities.

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