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The Queensland School Immunisation Program allows Year 7 students to be vaccinated through their school for free. If your child is immunised by your doctor, the vaccine will be free but you may be charged a consultation fee.

Vaccines are also funded for adolescents between the ages of 12 and 14 who are being home schooled or attending special school.

Recommended vaccines for Year 7 Students

Your child is eligible for vaccines based on their year level at school rather than their age.

Adolescents need these vaccinations because:

  • they need a booster dose for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough)
  • some immunisations need to be given in early adolescence (human papillomavirus) because the immune response is better at this age for this vaccine.

Complete the consent card

Before the school visit, your child will be given a consent pack that contains:

Read the information sheet, sign the consent card indicating whether you wish your child to be vaccinated, and return it to the school. Only students with a completed and signed consent card on the day of the school immunisation clinic will be vaccinated.

If you do not return a consent card or the card is incomplete, you may be contacted by the immunisation provider to check if you want your child to be vaccinated.

I don't want my child vaccinated

If you do not want your child to be vaccinated through the school program:

  • complete and sign the 'No to Vaccination' section of the consent card
  • indicate why your child is not receiving vaccinations through the school program
  • return the consent card to the school.

Having the vaccination

A qualified team will visit your child's school to give the immunisations.

To ensure immunisation is appropriate, your child will be asked if they are medically well, have any severe allergies, or are pregnant.

After the immunisation, your child is observed in an area close to the team for at least 15 minutes.

Your child will receive a Record of Vaccination Card to take home. Keep this with your child's health records so you know which vaccines they have received.

My child missed the school immunisation

If your child misses their school immunisation, they can be vaccinated:

  • at a catch-up school immunisation clinic (check with the immunisation service provider)
  • at a free community immunisation clinic (if offered by your local council or immunisation service provider)
  • by your doctor before the end of the following year (the vaccine will be free, however you may be charged a consultation fee).

It is important to have your child vaccinated in the same year the vaccine is offered in the school program.

Age of consent for vaccinations

In Queensland, a child can consent to a vaccination if they have the capacity to give or withhold consent. The vaccine service provider will use their professional judgement to assess whether your child has the capacity to give their own consent for vaccination.

Generally, someone aged 15 years or older would be expected to have the maturity, intelligence and understanding to fully understand the treatment and to give their valid and informed consent.

More about how the vaccine services provider will assess your child for consent

Other recommended vaccines

All children should receive 1 dose of chickenpox vaccine.

If your child has not previously received the chickenpox vaccine, they can have the vaccine for free from your GP or community immunisation provider.

Your child does not need this vaccine if they have already been vaccinated with the chickenpox vaccine, or they have had chickenpox.

School Immunisation Program

Download and print the consent forms for your child’s vaccination at school.

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