Contact tracing - coronavirus (COVID-19)

Changes to contact tracing in Queensland

From 31 December 2021, we will only notify of major outbreak venues or super-spreader events in Queensland.

We are no longer routinely listing exposure sites in Queensland since transmission of COVID-19 is now widespread throughout metropolitan, regional and remote Queensland.

You need to consider any movement through the Queensland community as a risk for COVID-19 infection. So make sure to maintain social distancing, perform regular hand hygiene, monitor for symptoms, and get tested if you develop any symptoms.


COVID-19 is now widespread across Queensland.

We will only list exposure venues if we need people in the community to act on the information.

You could get COVID-19 at any time and from anywhere in Queensland. Make sure you:

  • keep a distance from other people as much as you can
  • wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitiser when you’re out and about
  • stay home if you are sick
  • get tested if you develop any COVID-19 symptoms.

Close contacts are at highest risk of getting COVID-19. Read about what a close contact is and what they need to do.

Queensland locations

There are no exposure venues published for Queensland

Interstate exposure venues

Interstate exposure venues are no longer being published.

How to verify a message about contact tracing

We have received reports of COVID-19 themed hoax text messages (SMS) and emails. Read more about COVID-19 hoaxes and scams.