Public dental services

We are working hard to continue our dental care services as part of our coordinated response to COVID-19.

Emergency and urgent dental care continues to be available in all Hospital and Health Services across Queensland, however some treatment options may not be available.

Some routine and other non-urgent dental appointments may still be postponed. This means appointments for treatment like check-ups, routine fillings and denture services, and preventive appointments for scales and cleans, may be postponed.

Patients will be contacted directly with advice about their care. Where possible, appointments will not be changed, but you may be offered an appointment at a different location, a telephone consultation or the appointment may need to be postponed. All patients currently on the waiting list will stay on the list.

During this time, dental clinic staff will be available to provide dental advice over the telephone and escalate urgent care if clinically appropriate.

Extra precautions, such as health screening steps, remain in place at dental clinics to provide extra protection for clinic staff and patients.

Frequently asked questions

What dental services are available now?

All services will gradually become available in all Hospital and Health Services across Queensland. This will differ in each location based on advice from medical and public health experts.

You can contact your local clinic if you have any questions about your dental care, or the dental services available at your local clinic. Staff will be able to help with more information.

I need dental care. Can I make an appointment?

You should contact your local Oral Health Service. The staff will be able to help with information about what services are available, where clinics are located and how to put your name on a waiting list for routine care.

How can I find out if I am eligible for dental care at a Queensland Health clinic?

Adult eligibility criteria for Queensland Health oral health.

Children eligibility criteria for Queensland Health oral health.

If you are not eligible for public dental services, you can find a local private dentist by visiting the Australian Dental Association’s Find a dentist online search tool.

I have an appointment next week/month. Will it go ahead?

Over the coming weeks, Queensland Health dental patients will be contacted with advice about their appointment. Appointments may be unchanged, offered at a different location, postponed or converted to a telephone consultation.

I have an appointment tomorrow, but am sick. Should I still attend?

If you are unwell, contact the clinic to reschedule your appointment. Do not attend your appointment if you are unwell.

Stay at home if you are sick. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild, get tested.

What happens to me if I’m waiting on a waiting list?

Patients currently on the waiting list will remain on the list. When services return to normal, patients will be contacted for an appointment when it is their turn.

When everything returns to normal will I be able to get all of my dental care completed?

Yes. All Queensland Health dental clinics will be fully functional as soon as possible. Some areas may return to normal sooner than others based on advice from medical and public health experts.

What can I do to look after my teeth in the meantime?

While we wait for things to return to normal, there are many things you can do to take good care of your dental and general health. Eating well, drinking tap water and brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste are simple steps to maintain healthy teeth and a great smile.

We recommend avoiding hard and super sticky foods that could crack a tooth or pull a filling out like peanut brittle, popcorn and toffee.

Learn more on keeping a healthy smile.