Queensland Health COVID-19 response plan

We understand you may be feeling concerned, but we want to reassure you that we have one of the best health systems in the world and are prepared to tackle coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our $1.2 billion COVID-19 response

  • Double intensive care capacity.
  • Triple emergency department capacity
  • More paramedics.
  • More ambulance services.
  • More acute care services.
  • Expand fever clinics.
  • Deploy new infrastructure and better utilise our existing hospitals.
  • Expand community screening, contact tracing and 13 HEALTH services.
  • Resource backfilling of health staff who are unwell.
  • Additional funding for non-urgent surgery and appointments to reduce backlog.
  • Continue non-urgent elective surgery in the private sector.
  • More support for regional health services.
  • More aeromedical services for regional and remote communities.

Graph showing the increase in health system capacity with additional $1.2billion funding, Steep curve showing uncontrolled transmission peak (number of cases) significantly exceeding the health system capacity lines, both the usual capacity and the expanded capacity, wider curve showing what a slow transmission peak would look like over time, falling within the ranges of the usual health system capacity and expanded capacity.

We want all Queenslanders to know that we’ve responded to health emergencies in the past and we will do it again.