Changes to planned care appointments

As part of our response to increase capacity and manage the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are postponing elements of routine procedures and outpatient appointments.

This will help increase capacity for emergency care and limit non-essential physical contact. This step is critical in helping hospitals manage the risk to patients and staff.

During this time, GPs will continue to manage non-urgent care locally and escalate urgent care with the assistance of a virtual escalation centre.

Over the coming weeks the following patients will receive information indicating if their appointment is unchanged, postponed, or converted to a phone or telehealth appointment where it is medically safe to do so.

  1. Outpatients who have an existing non-urgent appointment
  2. Patients on a non-urgent waitlist
  3. Patients waiting for non-urgent elective surgery.

Videoconferencing for consultation is an excellent way for providing care whilst maintaining social distancing, especially for vulnerable patients.

If your condition worsens during this extended period, seek advice from your GP.

Be assured all urgent outpatient appointments will proceed, either face-to-face or virtually, and all urgent elective procedures are continuing at this time.

Our hospitals, healthcare workers and GPs are working hard to balance the needs of the emergency, acute, elective and outpatient care of Queenslanders whilst ensuring they can continue to provide safe and timely care to those who need it most. Hospitals are creating additional capacity through partnering with the private sector and working with community partners to deliver urgent care.

Queensland Health dental clinics

Routine and other non-urgent dental appointments are being postponed as part of Queensland Health’s coordinated response to COVID-19. This means appointments for treatment like check-ups, routine fillings and denture services, and preventive appointments for scales and cleans, will be postponed.

Emergency and urgent dental care will continue to be available in all Hospital and Health Services across Queensland, however some treatment options may not be available. Extra precautions, such as health screening steps, will be in place at dental clinics to provide extra protection for clinic staff and patients.

During this time, dental clinic staff will be available to provide dental advice over the telephone and escalate urgent care if clinically appropriate.