Visiting corrective services facilities or detention centres - coronavirus (COVID-19)

Corrective services facilities and youth detention centres are considered vulnerable facilities. Personal visitor entry requirements are in place

A personal visitor means a person who is entering the facility for the purpose of visiting a prisoner or detainee, but does not include:

  • employees
  • workers in healthcare
  • providers of goods or services to the facility
  • emergency services staff
  • legal, regulatory or compliance staff
  • union officials in an emergent situation
  • a person permitted by the operator of the facility for limited reasons.

Personal visitor restrictions

The following restrictions apply for personal visitors entering a corrective service facility or detention centre:

  • Personal visitors must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19, unless they are:
    • under the age of 16
    • unable to receive a COVID-19 vaccination because of a medical condition or medical contraindication
    • a COVID-19 vaccine trial participant
    • required to accompany a minor as parent, guardian, carer or support person (e.g. a child visiting a parent in prison may be accompanied by an unvaccinated parent, if that parent wears a face mask).
  • Personal visitors must be permitted to enter under isolation rules.
  • Corrective Services facilities can securely collect contact information of a personal visitor using the Check In Qld app or another method.
  • Exemptions can be granted by the Chief Health Officer for end-of-life visits or other exceptional circumstances.
  • Personal visitors may be required to wear a face mask or other personal protective equipment (PPE).

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