Coronavirus (COVID-19) self-assessment quiz

Question Id Question TestResponseNext Button class
Q1 Are you feeling unwell with symptoms such as fever, sore throat, cough or shortness of breath? Yes Outcome2 
   No Q2 
Q2 Have you had close contact* with someone who has a confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19)?

*face-to-face contact for more than 15 minutes, or have shared an enclosed space for more than two hours.
Yes Outcome1         
   No Q3 
   I don't know Q3 
Q3 Have you travelled overseas in the last 14 days? Yes Outcome3  
   No Q4 
Q4 Did you travel outside of Queensland in the last 14 days? Yes Q5 
   No Outcome4  

Was this travel essential*, such as for work or medical care?

*Read more about essential travel exemptions

Yes Outcome5  
   No Outcome3