Just one and the fun’s undone — coronavirus (COVID-19)

Though it’s been an extremely tough year, Queenslanders have done well to keep COVID-19 at bay and get back to some normality. Cases are low in the state but coronavirus has proved erratic and unpredictable, we all have to maintain our COVID-safe behaviours to protect our loved ones, jobs and social lives. It only takes one slip up and all our hard work could come undone.

Just look at our friends in Victoria who have spent months in lockdown or the US and UK who are considering cancelling the rest of the 2020 social calendar.

With summer just around the corner and more social events popping up, keeping our personal freedom has never been so important. We want you to keep living your normal life, whether that’s work, study or play so we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks that you can use to stay COVID-safe while out.

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How to live your best COVID-safe life

1. Have a fully sick day at home person sitting on a couch looking relaxed and eating from a bowl

If you’re feeling sick, the best thing you can do is stay home. Sure, you might have some initial FOMO but at least you’ll feel comfortable knowing you’re not getting anyone else sick. Plus, imagine the FOMO if we have to go into lockdown, quarantine or self-isolate for 14 days straight!

Healing up at home can be a lot of fun too! With streaming services constantly updating their libraries, there’s always a new movie or series to binge. And don’t forget about cooking some tasty food at home! By getting lots of rest and relaxation from home, you can get back to your healthy-self quicker and back to your nights out. Just remember, if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild, to go and get tested.

2. Do the two-step shuffle line of people standing a distance apart, lines marked on floor with tape

Lockdown made us appreciate the importance of having a social life. Whether it’s hitting the pub with our mates, getting brunch with the squad, going for a walk with friends or going to a house party, being social keeps us stimulated and connected. Now that all these things are back on the table, we don’t ever want to lose them! That means living your best COVID-safe life by staying two big steps (1.5 metres) away from others whenever you’re out. Viruses spread from person to person when we come into close contact with each other, so it helps to keep a safe space.

If someone does get too close, politely shuffle away to a safer distance. People will respect your choice to socially distance and might even be impressed with your new dance move. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t keep 1.5 metres,  like a crowded bus or a busy supermarket, wear a face mask to stay safe.

3. Keep those hands spick and span photo of a person with hand sanitiser in their pocket

Washing your hands is easy and one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of germs. Every time you use the bathroom or after touching surfaces like railings and table tops, give your hands a good wash with soap and water.

Keeping sanny handy is also a good COVID-safe tip. A lot of sanitisers come in pocket-size bottles so you can keep one on you wherever you go.

4. Throw your bro an elbow instead two people touching elbows

High fives have a high chance of spreading germs AND falling flat. So, can we all just agree to ditch them? A safer way to celebrate with your pals is to throw them an elbow and go for the bump. We normally don’t touch things with our elbows, so there’s less chance of picking up and spreading germs when using your elbows.

Handshakes should also be dumped for the bump. If someone goes to shake your hand, politely inform them that you’re doing the elbow bump now as it is safer and more hygienic.

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Reducing the spread of COVID-19 will require everyone working together. As we know, it doesn’t take much to make the fun come undone and one person’s slip up could potentially impact everyone.

So try your best to stay COVID-safe at all times, especially when you’re out enjoying yourself. Follow the five COVID-safe tips by staying home when you’re sick, keeping 1.5 metres distance from others, washing your hands and avoiding high fives/handshakes. That’s how we’ll protect one another and avoid lockdown.