Healthy at home — coronavirus (COVID-19)

Healthier. Happier.

Healthier. Happier offers a helpful guide for looking after your health at home.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic means that more of us are staying home and limiting our social interactions and outings. We know it’s a challenging time for many and it’s easy to put our health on hold.

However, during these times it's so important to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Keep active, put your mental wellbeing first and enjoy a healthy diet to help your immune system and lower the risk of depression and anxiety.

From food and physical activity, to mental wellbeing and working from home, we’ve created this toolkit to help you stay healthy at home.

Boost your healthy

Boost your healthy provides support, inspiration and ideas to stay healthy and active at home during COVID-19.

Looking after our health and wellbeing is always important. While staying at home more often can make it challenging to be active and eat well, there’s still so much we can be doing. In fact, now could be the perfect time to try some fresh new ways to boost your daily dose of Healthy.

What's your relationship with alcohol?

Have you ever stopped to think about how your alcohol consumption affects your life and the people around you? Take the quiz.

Alcohol might make you feel less stressed in the short term, but there are long term health concerns. These include increased anxiety and depression. Alcohol also has negative effects on sleep and the immune system.

You can read more about some of the effects drinking alcohol has on your body in this blog.

Head to Health

Prioritising your mental health is important in difficult times. If you are feeling worried or anxious about COVID-19 there are steps you can take. Find out more on Head to Health