Relocate to isolate - coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you have COVID-19 but you are away from where you live, you may be able to travel home to complete your isolation.

What you need to do

If you live within safe travelling distance from where you currently are, you can leave your current isolation to go home, but you must:

  • be well enough to travel
  • have access to private transport
  • take the most direct route without stopping
  • carry proof of ID (including address)
  • carry a copy of this class exemption to relocate (PDF 140 kB) with the address you are relocating to
  • have proof of interstate permission (if required by the other state or territory) if leaving or returning to Queensland
  • have enough food, water, medicine, masks, hand sanitiser and fuel with you to complete your trip home without stopping (if you do need to make an urgent purchase, it must be contactless)
  • take rest stops of no more than 20 minutes - wear a mask and have no or very little contact with other people.

Safe driving distance for relocating to a new premises for isolation will depend on the circumstances, including the number of drivers and driving conditions. Please follow safe travel guidelines for the State or Territory you are travelling in.

If your home is in Queensland, once you get there, the people who live there will become close contacts and will need to follow the steps for close contacts.

If you are travelling to another State or Territory, check their travel requirements before leaving your isolation.

Using private transport

Private transport used for relocating to isolate must be driven or piloted by:

Private transport can include a car, boat, or plane. It can be your own vehicle, or it can be a hire vehicle if it was paid for and collected without any contact. Private transport does not include a commercial or charter plane.