Entering Queensland from a green zone (no restrictions)

If you have not been in a COVID-19 hotspot or interstate exposure venue in the past 14 days or have only been in a safe travel zone country, you are entering from a green zone. You should be able to enter Queensland from a green zone by:

When you receive your Queensland entry pass via email, you must read all instructions and be able to access it at all times (either in a printed version or on an electronic device).

If you transit through a hotspot by road or leave the designated green zone within an airport in a hotspot, you are entering Queensland from a hotspot, not a green zone.

Before entering Queensland

You must apply for and receive a Queensland entry pass to enter Queensland from anywhere in Australia. This applies to everyone, including returning Queensland residents.

Specific rules apply if you have been in certain parts of Australia. You will be directed to provide further information during your Queensland entry pass application if needed.

When entering Queensland

When you enter Queensland, you must show an emergency officer your approved Queensland entry pass on request.

While in Queensland

When you are granted entry to Queensland, you must:

The app also allows you to link your vaccination certificate to the app.

See other restrictions in Queensland:

Questions and answers about entering Queensland from the green zone (without restrictions)

Questions about the Queensland entry pass

Who doesn’t have to complete a Queensland entry pass?

You can only enter Queensland without completing a Queensland entry pass if you are:

  • an emergency health services, emergency service worker, national defence, state security or police worker responding to an emergency in Queensland
  • a passenger of an ambulance or aeromedical service
  • entering Queensland in an emergency situation
  • a member of allowed maritime crew under the Maritime Protocol
  • assisting with or participating in a State or Commonwealth law enforcement investigation or other action at the request or direction of a State or Commonwealth department or law enforcement agency
  • a disaster management worker where allowed under the Operational protocol for disaster management workers.

The Queensland entry pass includes the Queensland Border Declaration Pass and Queensland Travel Declaration referred to in the:

I need help with the Queensland entry pass, can I call someone?

If you need help completing your Queensland entry pass you should call 134 COVID (134 268). The 134 COVID team cannot complete the form on your behalf.

What if I don’t have access to a computer?

You can apply for a Queensland entry pass using your mobile phone or another smart device.

You can also apply for a Queensland entry pass before you travel by visiting a local government service (like a library) to access a computer.

My child is travelling to Queensland unaccompanied, do they need a Queensland entry pass?

Yes. If your child is under 18 and visiting Queensland unaccompanied, they will need a Queensland entry pass.

Do I have to complete a separate Queensland entry pass for my child who is travelling with me?

Yes, each child will need a separate Queensland entry pass.

I do not have a fixed home address – what do I enter on the Queensland entry pass application?

People with no fixed home address should select the ‘manual address entry’ option on the form where it asks for a ‘home address’.

Then type, ‘no fixed address’ as the street address.

What is the Queensland entry pass?

You must complete a Queensland entry pass before you are entering Queensland from interstate or from a safe travel zone country.

As part of your application you may also be asked for other information or documents. Examples of information required could be names of people travelling together in the one party, planned date of arrival to Queensland and planned place of entry to Queensland. Example of documents required could be a boarding pass if you are arriving by air.

In addition, you will have to:

  • declare that the information provided is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.
  • show satisfactory ID at the border such as your driver’s license or Medicare card.
  • monitor the list of interstate exposure venues daily (at least once every 24 hours) from the time you complete a Queensland entry pass and for 14 days after arriving into Queensland.
  • agree to go and get a COVID-19 test if you develop COVID-19 symptoms within 14 days of entering Queensland. Queensland Health may contact you to remind you that you should be monitoring yourself for symptoms and getting tested if you develop symptoms.

Once you receive your Queensland entry pass you will need to enter Queensland within 14 days. If you don’t enter within this time, you will need to apply for new pass.

I already have a Queensland entry pass, do I need to apply for a new one if a hotspot is declared?

If you already have a valid Queensland entry pass you will only have to apply for a new Queensland entry pass if your circumstances have changed since you completed the pass. For example, if a new hotspot is declared or you become aware you have visited an interstate exposure venue during the relevant exposure period you will need to apply for a new Queensland entry pass.

How do I know which Queensland entry pass to complete?

When you fill in the online form to complete a Queensland entry pass the system will provide you with the correct pass based on your answers.

When will I know the outcome of my Queensland entry pass application?

The outcome of your application will be emailed to you. Make sure you check your junk/spam folder if you don’t receive an email.

Your Queensland Entry Pass will be processed chronologically and processing time may vary depending on government nominated accommodation capacity. Do not confirm travel plans (if entering Queensland via road) or book your flights until you receive an email confirming your allocated entry date and designated entry airport.

What proof do I need to show at the border for my student placement if I am entering from a hotspot?

Your student placement must be an arrangement for work or another professional experience for at least 12 weeks duration. Placements are only for clinical placements or for higher education students enrolled in a course of study at a higher education provider such as a university, TAFE or vocational education and training supplier. The course must contain a mandatory placement component to satisfy curriculum and study outcomes.

Students must be able to provide evidence of enrolment at a higher education institution and evidence of an agreement to undertake a student placement in Queensland. All students undertaking a placement must complete 14 days of mandatory quarantine before starting their placement.

Find out if you are eligible to quarantine at your home or another private residence, or if you will need to quarantine in government arranged accommodation.

I don’t have access to a printer, can I show my Queensland entry pass on my phone?

Yes. The Queensland entry pass can be shown in printed or electronic form.

I’m only going to travel to Queensland for a few hours, do I need to complete a Queensland entry pass?

Yes. Anyone planning on entering Queensland will need a Queensland entry pass.

I’m already in Queensland. How will I know if the travel advice changes for somewhere I have been?

You are required to provide contact details on a Queensland entry pass.

If Queensland declares a COVID-19 hotspot or there are exposure venues in the place you have come from and this affects you, then you will be contacted directly with advice. This may be by text message, phone call or email.

You can also stay up to date by regularly checking our listed interstate exposure venues